Mob Run This

‘Mob Run This' is a double meaning talking to not only the physical definition of getting mob active and 'running', but also the importance of having Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being the drivers in their own Communities to deliver and create opportunities for their mob and therefore defining the need for mob to 'run this'.

We've created a virtual toolbox for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities called 'Mob Run This' with all the resources and tools needed to guide mob in delivering their very own events for their Community.

Local is legendary! Mob know their Community best and we're excited to pass on a suite of customisable flyers and social media images and more.

The virtual toolbox allows Community members to participate in our events for FREE and be supported by their local Aboriginal Organisation or Community group.

Mob Run This will be back again in 2022 for our NAIDOC event. Stay tuned!

Take a closer look

We've had the privilege of working closely with Aboriginal Organisations and Community groups to be part of their moving events and share the experience of fantastic on ground Community engagement.

Adding years to Aboriginal people's lives

Throughout all our virtual events, We've had over fourteen Aboriginal Organisations and Community Groups join the 'Mob Run This' movement to provide positive spaces for their mob to connect and get moving in.