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The team at the Foundation are keen to hang with you and create impact! Whether it be celebrating Aboriginal culture through Trad Games, having important conversations or shaking up your health and wellbeing, we can’t wait!

We offer a range of sessions to all kinds of groups! From Aboriginal Organisations and Community groups, schools, kindergartens, corporate groups and everything between.

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(Ally Friendly)

Trad Games provides a unique opportunity for an activity on Country using Traditional Aboriginal Games as the foundation for health, wellness and human connection. 

Playing Traditional Aboriginal Games is a fantastic way to stay active, learn more about Aboriginal history and celebrate Culture whilst increasing conversations around reconciliation.

Celebrating Aboriginal culture and getting active is for everyone! We love playing games with groups from all ages and abilities!

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(Ally Friendly)

Did you know we campaigned for a little over 900 days for the rights for the Aboriginal flag to be free? Before this the Aboriginal Flag was held hostage due to its complicated copyright laws and licensing agreements. This meant it was illegal to reproduce the Aboriginal Flag on merchandise and other forms of digital media unless seeking permission and paying a fee to a non-Aboriginal business.  As a result the Aboriginal flag was disappearing!

Want to know what tools we used to make noise and create a movement?

We use our Free The Flag story to deliver an engaging workshop that encourages conversations around creating action for
social change.

We cover the following topics:

- The history of the Aboriginal Flag and its copyright
- The key steps we took to make noise and create change
- Our top tips in creating a movement
- Consumer choice in Aboriginal flag products

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(Mob Only)

Shades of Deadly - Challenging stereotypes. Celebrating

We’ve created a campaign that challenges stereotypes of
First Nation people and celebrates the diversity in Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander culture and identity.

It's not about judging each other by colour, or appearance.

It's about our connection to Community, culture, land and
people which shapes us and our identity.

Our Shades of Deadly workshops include:

- An opportunity to engage in the Shades of Deadly campaign
- A safe space and platform for Mob to connect and celebrate First Nations culture

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(Ally Friendly)

Here at the Foundation we love shaking up our health and
wellbeing. Hear from the team themselves as they share their inspirational
journey about getting Wellah. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to
explore new ways to tackle your health and wellbeing from a holistic and
strength based approach.

We cover the following topics:

- What is health and the Wellah Wheel
- Making small shifts and goa setting to create Wellah moments
- Our favourite resources to help shake up your health and wellbeing

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