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Traditional Aboriginal Games

Totally Trad provides a unique opportunity for an outdoor activity experience on Country using Traditional Aboriginal Games as the foundation for health, wellness and human connection. 

Playing Traditional Aboriginal Games is a fantastic way to stay active, learn more about Aboriginal history and Culture and increase conversations around reconciliation.

You’ve played Traditional Indigenous Games, now train with them!  

Who’s Totally Trad for?

Totally Trad is for everyone!

With activities suited to all ages and stages of fitness and ability, Totally Trad is the perfect activity to kick start a conference or workshop, get the classroom moving or to help your sporting team to kick those next fitness goals. 

Where ever your fitness is at, we’re ready to get Totally Trad with you!

Totally Trad is also a great ice-breaker, team builder and active lunch time session with a difference!

Totally Trad program features include traditional game equipment such as hand crafted yam sticks from Yarn Bark, Marngrooks (possum skin balls) by Wurundjeri Elder, Aunty Irene Morris.Teams are created in Totally Trad using 10 colored team bibs featuring Waa and Bunjil, totems of the Kulin Nations. 

What’s the benefits of Totally Trad?

It's Clothing The Gap Foundation's vision to: enhance physical health and well-being get moving outdoors in the natural environment

Increase knowledge and understanding of Traditional Indigenous Games

Revive Traditional Indigenous Games in Communities

Keep Aboriginal culture alive through playing Traditional Indigenous Games

Promote reconciliation increase spaces for positive connection and unique interaction. 

From groups of 5 to over 100, as trained Yulunga facilitators, the team have the experience and skills to cater for your needs. 

'Sport is a fantastic way for people of all backgrounds to connect. When you’re with all those people participating in traditional games, you feel like you’re coming home! Using sport as a way to communicate history is a great way of getting in and of helping people connect with our history and ancestors.'

- Laura Thompson, Spark Managing Director.