Wellah Together

I dare ya...to join us and get Wellah Together! 

Six Weeks - Six Dares - Six Workouts and a chance to score some Clothing The Gaps merch!

Come and be part of Wellah Together and have the most fun you have ever had shaking up your health and well-being! Throughout this six week program we take participants on a journey using Six Deadly Dares that give us simple and sustainable tools to kick-start and keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Each week we focus on a different health topic to help us reach our goals before getting moving. But don't stress! We have something for every fitness level. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or running marathons - we've got you covered! 

Wellah Together Online

We didn't let COVID-19 stop us from hanging out with the mob.

In August 2021 we bought Wellah Together to mob's screens where we spent six weeks connecting, motivating and inspiring one another to make healthy shifts.

Take a closer look, here's where we've been...

The power in Aboriginal designed programs & research!

We partnered with Aboriginal psychologist Dr. Graham Gee and his Aboriginal Led research team at Murdoch Children's Research Institute to evaluate and explore how Wellah Together adds years to Aboriginal people's lives!