Wellah Weekends

The EJ Whitten Foundation partnered with Spark Health to create this brand new event for Aboriginal Men, and we had the most incredible Wellah Weekend together! 

A Wellah Weekend is the most fun you will ever have shaking up your lifestyle!

Wellah Weekend coordinates some of the best facilitators in Aboriginal Health and Well-being from around the state to create an action packed agenda to fuel the mind, body and spirit. 

Wellah Weekend participants experience:

- Opportunities to learn more about health and Aboriginal Culture.

- Fun workouts for all fitness levels and ages

- Good laughs and new friends- Stronger mob connections

- Better links to and awareness of health services and supports

 “Our first Wellah Weekend held in 2019 was a fantastic camp learning about healthy behaviours and bonding together through sharing stories and experiences with one another. Being accepted into the Wellah Community was a highlight for me. I’m really sorry we won’t be able to come together again this weekend but your health and that of your Community is a priority. Stay positive, look after your health and I look forward to staying connected.”

– Ted Whitten Junior