Week 3

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Recommended Daily Intake

Welcome to week three! This week we will explore recommended daily intake. This includes understanding serving sizes of our major food groups recommended by Australian guidelines.

This week also features Luke from Daley Nutrition. Luke shares his expertise on why it is important to include a range of foods on our plate.

Please note that this week's video was not filmed in a studio due to COVID lockdown in Melbourne :)

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Guide to Healthy Eating

How amazing that our diet is one of the best traditional diets in the world!

Here is the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Guide to Healthy Eating that Luke refers to in the video.

Really enjoyed hearing what Luke had to share?

Luke delivers a range of programs, workshops and nutrition consults.

Be sure to check out his website to find out more!

You can also follow Luke on instagram
@daleynutrition_and_pt where he shares some amazing nutrition tips!

We hear about calories all the time. But what are they really and what role do they play in Recommended Daily Intakes? Watch below!

Live Lighter

Live Lighter is a handy website with loads of tools and resources, including delicious recipes!

Explore here

Eat For Health

Eat for Health is where you can find everything you need to know about Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Explore here

Meal Planner

Use this weekly meal plan to map out your meals and how to include a variety from all food groups!

Download here
Tracy from Wattleseed Nutrition Smoothie

Here is the recipe from Tracy (Wattleseed Nutrition) for her delicious smoothie packed with everything to help your bottom brain (gut)!

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