Week 5

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Welcome to week five! This week we will explore eating healthy on a budget and bust the common myth that eating healthy is expensive.

Check out our resources below including our top tips to eating healthy on a budget and recipes!

Please note that this week's video was not filmed in a studio due to COVID lockdown in Melbourne :)

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Top Tips to eating Healthy on a Budget

* Plan your meals for the week

* Create a shopping list

* Cook and buy in bulk

* Eat fruits & veggies in season

* Reduce meat and add more legumes and veggies

* Drink water

* Cook from scratch when possible

Compare prices per 100g

Sometimes it can get confusing when trying to decide which food products to buy based on price. But if we compare the products by 100g, we can start to understand what food's will keep us from breaking the bank.

Most supermarkets display the price of their products per 100g making it super easy to compare.

Weekly Meal Plan

Planning our meals and snacks in advance is a great way we can save money when food shopping. We can decide exactly what we need and avoid buying spontaneously in the supermarket. Planning for meals that involve cooking from scratch and in bulk with loads of fresh produce compared to ready made meals makes a huge difference!

Use our Wellah Meal Planner to help you on your next shopping adventure!

Download here

Eat for Health Tips

We have touched on a range of tips in our video and above. Eat for Health also have some extra great tips you might want to check out to help you to eat healthy on a budget!

Check it out here

Reducing Meat Consumption

Reducing our meat consumption and bulking our meals with legumes and veggies is another great way to save the money. Another common myth is that foods without meat are bland, boring or just all about salads. But that's not true! There is a range of delicious vegetarian meals - even some mimicking meals that usually feature meat like spaghetti and lasagne! If you've never explored the world of vegetarian meals, why not checkout the link below which shares 100 easy vegetarian recipes for carnivore lovers!

Get your veg on here

Other Mob who inspire us to get moving!

Black Fitness

Chris Warrior, a Kokatha/Wirangu man from South Australia is the founder of Blackfitness. 

Chris started the Blackfitness page to inspire, educate and network mob across Australia. The goal is to share positive, life-changing stories from all backgrounds.

P.S Chris is a participant in our Wellah Together progam...be sure to say hello :)

Follow Blak Fitness here


TriMob is an Australian First Nations Triathlon Club established in 2020 aimed at increasing the participation of First Nations people in the sport of triathlon and endurance sports. The word mob represents community, family and people for First Nation Australians.

They share and celebrate a variety of First Nation's people during their training and events.

Follow TriMob here

5am Sisters

This group of Aboriginal women known as the 5am
Sisters are motivated and inspired by to get out that door and get moving.

They use Instagram as a platform to share the true up’s
and down’s to navigating a healthy lifestyle.

Follow 5am Sisters here

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