September & October: Your tee in action

September & October: Your tee in action

Have you been wondering exactly how does your purchase make an impact? Beyond creating impact through conversation starters on products and elevating Aboriginal culture through a fashion label, lies the Clothing The Gaps Foundation – an Aboriginal Led not for profit. Here is where we come together with the purpose to add years to Aboriginal people’s lives.

During the months of September and October our impact team reached 422 People! We delivered 5 Free The Flag sessions to schools and people in tertiary education. This allowed over 230 people to engage and learn about the movement whilst also exploring how to create social change.

September was also the month we completed our six week Wellah Together Online program. We had mob from across the country tune in to connect and shake up their health and wellbeing. We made 155 points of contact with mob. We partnered with Aboriginal psychologist Dr. Graham Gee and his Aboriginal Led research team at Murdoch Children's Research Institute to evaluate and explore how Wellah Together adds years to Aboriginal people's lives! Stay tuned as we share and celebrate some of this news soon! If you want to know more about Wellah Together and what we got up to, click here

Did you know we also create impact through a variety of engagement opportunities? In September and October this included featuring in articles and podcasts, delivering wellbeing workshops and yarning with students for their assignments.

If you'd like to support the Foundation and create important conversations through our engagement sessions you can request a booking by clicking here

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