We have seen the impact a virtual event can make and we have to say, we're hooked! 

As part of our commitment to make an impact in health, well-being and reconciliation, we've created three easy ways for groups to get involved.

Schools and Aboriginal Community Groups can also access the event at a group rate along with access amazing resources and tools to make your life easier. We know that local is legendary so we've done the heavy lifting so that you can completely tailor this event to what will work for your Community. 

Choose your own adventure!


Looking to embed Aboriginal Culture and History in to the classroom? Check this out!

We understand that flexibility is key when it comes to fitting events in to the school calendar and budget so we've been working to make our virtual events adaptable for schools and early years groups as best we can! 

We've got an exciting package for schools!

The bonus is, you can complete your event any time that works for your class. Yay!

Heal Country School Pack includes: 

Heal Country Sticker and Event Bib with space for student reflection for $5 per student. 

Use the form below to get started or to find out more information.

I'm ready to order! Lets go!

Aboriginal Community Groups

Are you an ACCHO looking for a great Community Engagement event? 

Connect to Country is the perfect activity to bring everyone together.

Local is legendary and you are the expert in your Community. We have created a 'Mob Run This' toolkit that is full of event resources, flyers, social media collateral, event tip sheets and social media guides for all the local legends. 

Along with the resource kit, we have a discounted group entry rate of $15 per person for Aboriginal Community Groups.

Get your mob involved here!

Workplaces and other groups

Working remotely? Big year? Prioritising health and wellbeing? Working to ingrain celebrating Aboriginal Culture and History in your space? 

Why not take on Heal Country as your NAIDOC event this year? 

With a reduced group rate of $30 per person and a single invoice, we make registration super easy for your crew. We just ask that you have at least 25 people ready to roll.

Whether you're a corporate group, a university or a local sports club - you're absolutely welcome to get involved! 

Use the form below to get started or to find out more information.